I’m an AR/VR experience designer bringing ideas to life through prototyping, experience design, and usability testing. As an avid VR community member, I bring ideas to life to showcase what VR is capable of, whether it’s to improve someone’s physical or cognitive abilities.

I’m passionate about creating intuitive designs for AR/VR. I’ve spent the last three years developing my skills in order to make the leap from architect to designer. I hold a Masters in Architecture. This helps me to identify the right problems by observing human behavior and creating solutions that can delight and make a difference to the users.

Although I love my current role as a freelancer/artist and creator, I feel I’m now ready for a more challenging assignment and this position really excites me. This is a great opportunity to apply my design and creative problem-solving skills at an innovative software company.

Currently I’m developing a VR training: Earthquake Simulation

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VR Training: Earthquake Simulation | Design Concept

Product Design | Researcher | Prototype | July 2019 - Present

Prepare people to make the right decisions under stress during an earthquake.To get the best learning outcome, you need to get enough reps. More repetitions creates new, fairly strengthened connections in the brain that turn into a fixed action that will work at the right time.Conducting many live trainings is extremely costly. VR gives people the opportunity to repeat the practice as much as necessary, almost for free.

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War of the Worlds | Exclusive for BoseAR devices

Product Design | Researcher | Prototype | July 2019 - Present

A free-hands experience with implemented Audio AR action-adventure game War of the Worlds Inspired by the H.G. Wells sci-fi classic, you are on a mission to free the human prisoners held captive by the next generation of Martian Tripod Forces, bio-hacked super predators that turn humans to dust with their catastrophic heat rays.

Protect the world with your BoseAR enabled device as your guide. Evade the Martian attack, put your meme savvy to the test and perk up to virtual lattes for your service.

With the power of BoseAR interactive sound, ride among a fleet of hovercraft speeders that help you reach the prisoners and destroy the Tripod with the tap of your finger – if you don’t get vaporized first.

Coming Soon

Kitten Justice | Oculus Launch Pad project

Product Design | Researcher | 3D Modeler | June - Dec 2018

Kitty Justice: Legal Claws is a virtual reality casual strategy shooter game. Use your kitty cannon to bring the unicorns to justice! What is their crime? The copyright infringement takedown of the Narwhals clearly gives them all rights over horns. Be careful with these outlaws. They will hide, runaway, and even attack law enforcers. It is your job the set the matter straight and break through the defences of these disgusting violators.

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Kitten Cannon | Personal Hackathon

Product Design | 3D Modeler | October 2016

Hearken back to the days of Flash games and resume humanity's urge to fire kittens out of cannons. Except for this time, it's all about firing them off into space at *evil* flying horses. Well, maybe they're not evil.

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Chroma app | Personal Project

Product Design | UI/UX Design | March - May 2016

“Chroma App” is an AR enabled tool that helps people with color blindness in their daily lives. This could entail picking the right color, reading a color-coded map, or even helping you to park a car.

  • Helps people who are color blind to see the colors around them
  • Color vision test
  • Find out the exact color in your environment
  • Pinpoint the color’s properties (hue, saturation, and value, as a color code)
  • Highlight the selected color and replace it with an entirely different color

It also lets people with normal vision sees the world as someone who’s color blind sees it, using built in camera filters

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industry activities

AR/VR Creators

I’m one of the co-organizers the local group “AR/VR Creators”. We host events local to the bay area and offer a co-working space with for independent creators to connect and collaborate.

VR artist

Competed in Road to Tokyo: a VR speed-sculpting competition reality TV show - Invited as 1 of 8 chosen artists from the Bay Area before event was announced.